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Truck Unit

1300 kW heat exchanger with an operating temperature of 90ºc. Fully self-sufficient with 20 Kva and 1000 liters of diesel tank.


Technical specifications:

Flow 7 – 1913 l / min
Press 0 – 3500 bar
Power 15 – 500 kw


  • Customer-specific engineered
  • KAMAT high-end plunger pump
  • Diesel or PTO powered
  • Designed through the latest environmental requirements.


Meet the LMT Truck Unit
The LMT Truck Unit is one of the specialties of LMT. We have already been able to produce many different truck units for varying customers. In recent decades we have therefore collected an enormous amount of knowledge and experience and are therefore able to handle accurately with new projects. We deliver standard truck units. By our standard units we can immediately assure you the total price, delivery time and quality. In addition, we also offer Truck Units on request. Due our any years of experience and our highly innovated machine factory, we are able to produce everything. A number of examples of extensions that we have already produced for the truck units:

  • ATEX proof
  • Hot water supply (possible up to 1000 bar)
  • Water tank
  • Hose reel
  • Extra stainless steel components (tank, delivery pump, pipes etc.)
  • Insulation
  • Floor tile plate
  • Workbench

LMT Truck Unit Experience

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