High-pressure cleaning system
KAMAT High Pressure Pumps
LMT is the official dealer of KAMAT for the Netherlands, and delivers the full range of professional pressure washers and trailers with a working pressure up to 3500 bar.

KAMAT High Pressure Pumps

Kamat pumps are well suited for industrial cleaning work with a very high pressure (> 500 bar) and for complex, customer-specific solutions. The German company Kamat has for over thirty years built a strong international reputation in the field of reliability and serviceability. The integrated transmissions and compact dimensions of the pumps make it easy to integrate them in existing production facilities. ‘Deutsche Grundlichkeit’ in a slim design.

Kamat pumps are internationally used for, among others:

  • Cleaning of ship hulls, industrial pipes and silos
  • Rust removal
  • Removing paint
  • Concrete remediation

LMT is the exclusive supplier of Kamat Netherlands. We can provide the full range of Kamat pumps and accessories. Seamless integration of customiszed solutions in your current production facilities is business as usual for us. We have extensive experience in the integration of pumps in factories, containers, trailers or trucks.

Kamat pumps can handle a power of 15 kW to 550 kW and supply a pressure of 0 to 3.500 bar.

Product specifications

Most sold units:

LMT HPU Ultra high pressure cleaning units 75 kW

  • Pressure: 1065 bar
  • Flow rate: up to 37 l / min
  • Simple design for ease of use
  • Low maintenance thanks to durable construction
  • Versatile, easy to transport

MT UHPU Ultra high pressure cleaning unit pressure up to 2500 bar

  • Flow rate: up to 27 l / min
  • Minimal maintenance and wear, maximum reliability
  • Noise enclosure (85 dB (A) at 7 meters away)
  • Mobile and easy to transport
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