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ISO 9001

Working on a better LMT every day has been rewarded with the ISO 9001 certificate.

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What is ISO 9001?

ISO 9001 is an internationally recognized norm in the field of quality management and provides guidelines which a good quality management system must have. NEN-EN-ISO-9001 helps LMT Waterjetting Solutions to manage and improve our business processes. ISO comes from the name of the organization that issues the standards worldwide to the various countries, the International Standardization Organization, EN stands for the instance that regulates this within Europe and NEN is then the Dutch institution that ensures that the standard is translated and available for the Dutch market.

What is the importance of ISO 9001?

We are everyday working on improving our company. For this reason, we would like to be approved by an independent organization, so that we can be sure that we have met the needs, requirements and wishes of our customers and stakeholders and also meet the legislation. We are delivering reliable products and services in an honest and sustainable way. We are therefore very proud of a recognition such as this ISO 9001 certificate from an independent, impartial and expert institution!

Our certificate

Click here for our ISO 9001 Certificate