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In addition to the high-pressure unit, a separate high-pressure hot water unit (HWU) can be connected. This can autonomously heat the high-pressure water to a temperature of about 90 ° Cdegrees. Water flow volumes vary from 140 l / min to 240 l / min at a pressure of 1,000 bar. Heat capacity at such plants can reach up to 1.3 mW and are equipped with high efficiency oil fired burners. The installations come with a generator for optimal flexibility: you can work on at any location. The units are made with certified spark shields.

LMT HWU Pressure Hot Water Unit

Available in different variants:

  • LMT HWU 700kW 600 bar@140 L/min
  • LMT HWU 1,3mW 600 bar@240 L/min
  • LMT HWU 700 kW 1.000 bar@140 L/min
  • LMT HWU 1,3mW 1.000 bar@240 L/min
  • Specially developed for cleaning tanks and heat exchangers in the oil industry
  • Water temperature up to 90 ° C
    Built in Mercedes Actros truck or standard container