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We produce custom made adapters!

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Custom Made
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Stainless steel
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Up to 4500 BAR
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LMT adapters are made of special stainless steel with extreme tensile strength and go up to 3500 bar working pressure. Besides that, we also provide custom made adapters.

High Pressure Adapters
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Specialist in High Pressure Adapters

LMT Waterjetting Solutions has over 40 years of experience in the waterjetting industry. In addition to our exclusive KAMAT dealership in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg, we have an extensive engineering department and machine park to produce every item between the pumphead and the nozzle.

We produce everything you need to achieve an efficient production process, such as connection blocks / adapters / fittings / nozzle holders / hose adapters / swivels / etc.

We produce both standard products (see brochure) and custom solutions ( email us for a quote ). Everything produced in accordance to SIR regulations with 3.1 material certificates and exclusively with European materials.


Direct production in our own factory

We produce all adapters inhouse in our advanced production facility. All adapters are engraved with thread sizes, working pressure and manufacturer according to the SIR regulations and can be certified on request. The adapters are tested at random with a minimum of 1,5x the working pressure.

Up to 4500 bar

High Working Pressure

LMT standard adapters are made of special stainless steel with extreme tensile strength and go up to 4500 bar working pressure.


Custom Made

We can design, produce and test adapters on your request and due to our extensive experience in the waterjetting industry.

High Quality

All materials are purchased with a 3.1 certificate of conformity to guarantee the quality of our products.

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Specialized in High Pressure Adapters

Safety, Quality and Precision, the guaranty we will give you!

LMT Waterjetting Solutions is specialized in producing high pressure adapters combined with 40 years experience.

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