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LMT is specialised in high-pressure pumps for over twenty years. The pumps are suitable for any industrial use where high pressure is required, such as cleaning of ship hulls, oil silos or paint booths. Water cutting or concrete remedial are also potential applications.

You can choose from:

  • High Pressure Pumps for cold or hot water
  • Choice of DiBObo (0 to 500 bar) or Kamat (500 to 3500 bar)
  • Water flow of up to 2363 litresers per minute per pump
  • Electric, gasoline or diesel engine with a power of 550 kW per pump
  • Installation of pumps in on trailers or trucks of all brands
  • Tailor-made solutions to integrate our pumps seamlessly in your production facilities

Ultimately, it’s all about the quality, safety and reliability of your production. Therefore, we use very strict quality requirements for all our pumps, accessories and custom solutions:

  • Soundness: Wwe only use high quality parts for high uptime and low maintenance
  • Ease of use: intuitive operation and clear instructions
  • Safety: our pumps, customised solutions and accessories meet the most stringent safety requirements and offer your colleagues a safe working environment. We follow the strict SIR guidelines
  • Quick service: if you suffer have from a malfunctioning or broken partfault, we will ensure that you can resume your work more quickly. We have our own advanced workshop, so we can also supply customised parts very quickly

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