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High pressure pumps are ideally suited for a thorough and environmentally friendly cleaning of ship hulls. With semi-automatic cleaning systems caked algae and other marine debris are removed completely.

Shipyards that are equipped with Kamat pumps can be found in Geneva, Naples, Malta, Piraeus, Stavanger, Bergen, Cons Tata, Aalborg, Sharjah, Dubai, Singapour and Rio de Janeiro.

Case study

Clean steel surfaces with a pressure up to 1000 bar
The usual method in the shipping industry to clean and to remove old paint is carried out under a pressure of up to 1000 bar. This method complies with the stringent international WJ3-WJ4 quality standards.

Kamat customers around the world use guns and high pressure rotating nozzles for these tasks. A cleaning speed of 30 to 50 m2 per hour is achievable, depending on the state of the surface and the desired end result.