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Each industry has different requirements for cleaning. For FrieslandCampina, we developed a robotic arm with an integrated cleaning system for fully automated and efficient cleaning of cheese boards. DuPont was looking for an extremely heavy duty cleaning system: each hour gigantic autoclaves had to be cleaned, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For the cleaning of oil rigs, we designed a flexible workbench, where twelve metreer long and one and a half metreers thick pipes are fully automatically cleaned.


Whatever the challenge is, at LMT we believe that our products and services should meet your needs seamlessly. Together with our customers, we analysze the cleaning problem and we shall jointly come up with the optimal solution.

Tailor-made solutions in services
LMT is not only a supplier of high pressure pumps, but also delivers true added value in additional services. Besides various standard services, such as adapters and nozzles we can develop and produce to your specific needs. In our modern factory with CNC machines we can meet this demand. We also provide engineering in 3D CADcad/-CAMcam and certification of the components. We can test all the components to a static pressure of 4,000 bar.

Thanks to our own CNC controlled robot, we can create a specific report that gives you insight into the right pressure, flow, angle, rotation speed, temperature, and the right type of nozzle for your cleaning taskt. Therefore, we can advise in advance exactly how much energy it takes to clean so you don’t have to purchase an ‘oversized’ system.